Our most frequently asked questions

Certisio, what is it exactly ?

A company that develops trust management solutions to facilitate the mobility of the greatest number of people.

Certificates, electronic signatures, blockchain registration, etc. I don’t know anything about it. How do we deal with all these technologies?

Certisio takes care of the complexity. You focus on your interests to be protected. Three simple steps: take pictures, receive certificates, show the matching clues in the certificate. That’s all.

Why the blockchain?

The data collected by Certisio is not limited to the blockchain. Certisio is able to provide data that covers the entire chain of operations. The blockchain part is the most complex, effective and meaningful for experts. Certisio makes it easy for you to use the recording features in the blockchain by taking care of all the underlying complexity and allows you to enjoy all the advantages related to time stamping and integrity. The certificate provides a link for each photo to verify that the data recording is completed and confirmed by the blockchain mining operations.

What is the “blockchain” used by Certisio?

The Bitcoin blockchain.

What legal value does the Certisio certificate have ?

To be precise, the legal value does not exist in the state of law where we speak more of the probative value of an act or of a simple or irrefutable presumption. Thus, the documents signed by the officers of the Public Prosecutor’s Office have probative value and enforceability in cases of recovery. But what about the data provided by Certisio? Any recognition of a right is subject to proof of its reality by the methods provided for by law. However, there are circumstances in which direct evidence of an event is, or has become impossible. The law therefore attaches to certain apparent facts, which are susceptible of proof, an effect equivalent to that of proof of facts which are unlikely to be established. These facts are called “presumptions”. This is the case, for example, of the presumption of paternal filiation which applies to the birth of a child at home to a married couple or the effects of peaceful and public possession of real estate for thirty years. Thus, in a judgment of 29 November 2001, the Nancy Court of Appeal (BICC No. 553 of 1 April 2002) ruled that the fact that a party refuses to contribute to the production of evidence could be regarded as a presumption of what it had admitted the validity of its opponent’s claim. Presumptions are said to be “absolute” when the law does not permit evidence to the contrary, they are said to be “relative” when such evidence is legally admissible. Certisio data are part of the relative presumption related to the recognition of technical, organisational and operational elements. Certisio is present throughout the entire safety chain. From the production of evidence contributing to the probative value to the restitution. From the production of the photos to the exploitation of the certificate: shooting, storage, blockchain recordings, electronic signature, storage and restitution. From an operational point of view, the user’s choice of shots also contributes to the establishment of environmental conditions for determining the good faith of the parties and the allocation of responsibilities, with or without an act of judgment.

What does the certificate contain ?

The certificate shall contain :

  • the photos taken
  •  GPS positions recorded at the time of taking the picture
  • the prints from the photos
  • blockchain records and a link to an online check
  • a time stamp
  • an electronic signature guaranteeing its integrity between generation and exploitation

Additional data is preserved by Certisio.

There is a free formula. What is the counterpart ?

The operator is allowed to insert an advertisement into the PDF file without altering its constituent elements.
The user can extract and use each element of the PDF certificate, but he cannot delete a part (such as the advertisement page) without altering the proof of integrity and therefore its value

What user data is required for registration? Do I have to provide them ?

The Certisio app only requires email and mobile phone number.
A verification is carried out by sending a message to verify the address that must be confirmed by its holder.
Once the checks are done, the app can also work on a mobile phone without a SIM card. Notwithstanding the rights and conditions applicable by the store for paid subscriptions.
The email address and mobile number appear in the signed certificate. The first and last name are optional. However, they are often required of an authority or institution.

What happens to the certificates once they are generated ?

Certificates are stored for a limited period of time (7 to 30 days depending on the form) and permanently deleted. It is the user’s responsibility to check and protect his files with his own means. Certisio offers an archiving service for professionals. This archiving service keeps the company’s certificates as well as additional information (meta data) contributing to the probative value of the data collected.

How to demonstrate the probative value of the photos taken ?

The certificate contains all the information necessary for the technical use of the blockchain records and the generation of the electronically signed PDF file.
If you wish to carry out the detailed and exhaustive technical demonstration from start to finish with the reconstruction of the entire blockchain safety chain, the use of experts is necessary. It is unlikely that these ends will be reached outside of large-value arbitrations.
The same applies to the verification of the electronic signature. It is advisable to check that the certificate has not been revoked and that it has not been repudiated. It is also necessary to check the trusted third party or certification authority, its certification procedure, certificate installation.
Here again, it is unlikely that an expert appraisal will be carried out. If this were the case, the elements contained in the PDF file are sufficient for the judicial or technical expert.

What are the functional differences between the free and other versions ?

All the formulas of the mobile application have the same functionalities. The size of the photo file is reduced for the free version.
This file size results in a lower resolution but does not prevent unlimited exploitation. It is the user’s responsibility to take as many photos as he deems necessary to convince

What happens to user data ?

The certificates are available to the authors of the photos for a limited time. Certisio does not share personal data with third parties. It is the user’s responsibility to preserve his certificates and ensure their availability or even confidentiality.

Why can’t we find in the mobile application procedures or photo masks dedicated to specific uses ?

Certisio recognizes that your time is precious and that simplicity must prevail over complexity. Take as many pictures as you can and you will have a better chance of convincing everyone to defend your interests. The final goal is not to provide elements of your good faith in absolute terms, but to demonstrate that the elements you have are more solid than those of your opponents. It is much easier to convince with the right trust management tools and put all the chances on your side.


Your personal data is mentioned in the certificate to guarantee the identity of the person who took the photos. You may not mention the first and last name but the email address and mobile number are required.

Is taking pictures enough to provide probative value ?

No, it is not enough to take pictures of objects or people. It is recommended to gather the elements of the environment by widening the frame, changing the shot, mixing objects/persons, planning the photos according to the arguments to be transmitted or the context to be explained (if the time factor is crucial). Are you taking pictures of the rental vehicle? Don’t forget to take pictures by widening the frame, include nearby vehicles with their registration, buildings, sky, etc. These are all elements that could be challenged by the opposing party. If she can question part of an object, it will be difficult for her to question the weather at the time of the photo shoot as well as the concomitant presence of several vehicles in the same place. Take pictures, we take care of the associated security chain: preserve and restore integrity. From taking pictures to their operations.

Why did you choose the acrobat pdf format for the certificate ?

This format is well suited for the collection and presentation of textual, graphic and multimedia data. It incorporates a technically recognized form of PADES signature.

How can I retrieve the photos included in the certificate ?

The use of the certificate data is supposed to be carried out in its electronic form. It is not necessary to extract these original photos, even if it is technically possible.
The PDF file preserves the original resolution. To view the photos, simply use the zoom.
Although paper printing is possible, the value of the elements contained in the PDF certificate remains in the PDF.
You can make as many copies as you want and distribute it. The PDF has the gift of ubiquity. The file is readable with the free version of acrobat (Acrobat Reader)

I took some pictures but some of them have been deleted, where are they ?

The application communicates with the server. If there is no full connectivity, the photo is removed from the folder. As long as the maximum number of pictures is not reached, you can continue taking pictures.
The addition of photos is possible as long as the certificate has not been requested. Simply create new folders to take new photos.

Does Certisio adapt to any dematerialization?

There is no limit to the use of the mobile application. This can range from the dematerialization of the invoice in the restaurant (photo of the ticket and the restaurant) to the site compliance audit conducted by a qualified organization.

Does the certificate have the same value as the report issued by a public officer or officer of the public prosecutor’s office (notary, bailiff) ?

Documents drawn up by a public officer shall have probative value and enforceable value. This does not mean that it resists any judgment in any court case. This only reverses the burden of proof and that, pending a possible judgment, public officials can recover amounts related to a failure to fulfil contractual obligations.
However, officers are not the only sources of information collection, trusted infrastructures can do the same when they comply with all security-related provisions.
The most emblematic example is the system set up for online games. A flow of protected information flows from gaming platforms to the technical centre of the regulatory authority without any bailiff validating the content and time. The dematerialized form that new technologies generate at source and throughout their lives on the Net tends to impose new, purely technical solutions. These approved and/or certified systems supplant human forms.